AstMond Lifestyle…

How often are we caught in routines of our own business, industry and customers without having a chance to look around, ask what others are doing, whether we can join the forces to reach the common goal?

It is exactly this synergy approach, which can help the non- competing brands to win in addressing same customer target audience. With this in mind, I have created “AstMond Lifestyle”.

Its aim is to assist luxury brands to look around and find a company manufacturing the goods fitting the lifestyle of their core customers.

Such partnership can help both brands to increase their mutual customer bases, enrich customers’ experience and as a result, grow the revenues.

Vanda-Everke_CEO Astmnd GmbH

Synergy is better than my way or your way.
It’s our way.

Stephen Covey

The core of my company philosophy

If you have been thinking what other products within the luxury segment your customers are purchasing, most likely you would agree that this other goods supplier must have their own customer base consisting of people who might become your new leads….

The role of AstMond Lifestyle in this is to ask and find new partners for you. May I ask if you are keen to cooperate with AstMond?