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Certain luxury goods segments embrace more and more semiconductor content to enable enriched product features and stronger value propositions. In the same manner, objects placed within exclusive real estate can act as the embodiment of a true smart home, displaying creatively many different elements which up to very recently were only envisioned in the realm of science fiction.

Being one of the leading contributors, we stretch our expertise beyond the luxury segment, all the way to the technology semiconductor domain, where we partner with Anion Marketing company. Affinity marketing principles are applied in this area in a similar manner, building up a product eco-system amplifies product marketing efforts by reducing time-to-market, as well as costs.

Other areas of consulting in this field include providing channel strategy, content marketing, analytical insights, launch planning activities, as well as creative services. Our key advantage is that we provide an independent expert opinion which is particularly welcomed by large sized organizations.


Astmond is a different marketing consultancy agency.
Many years of experience in the technology industry combined with our passion for lifestyle allow us to provide our clients highly bespoke and exclusive services from luxury networking and channel market strategy advice to developing off-the-wall, unique filming and photo shoot locations for both the entertainment industry and corporate marketing campaigns.

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